Industry Partners

Trade Associations, Trade Councils

  • Better Seafood Board (BSB)

    The mission of the BSB is to eliminate fraud in the seafood industry through education and highlighting wrong practices that affect the reputation of seafood producers and buyers. While run separately from NFI, the BSB nevertheless requires all NFI members to sign a pledge that they will not engage in unethical practices of short-weighting, mislabeling, trans-shipping to avoid tariffs, or under-counting packaged products.

    Why we support the BSB: Our business is based on ethical principles and we believe that, through our participation, we can encourage all members of the supply chain to commit to honest and ethical business practices. 

  • Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA)

    GAA is the leading standards-setting organization for farmed seafood, promoting the responsible development of aquaculture throughout the world. In addition to education efforts, GAA holds a yearly conference known as the Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership, or GOAL. In addition to participating as a Governing Member of GAA, Sea Port actively supports GAA through conference sponsorships and advertising in its publication.

    Why we support GAA: For us, aquaculture is the future of the global seafood supply, and we are committed to participating in the process of developing and improving standards as well as educating the marketplace.


    NFI is the leading seafood industry trade association in the United States, focused on issues related to trade, ethical business practices, seafood safety, nutrition, education, and sustainability. Through its efforts, NFI has helped its member companies succeed in the global marketplace. Sea Port is an active member of NFI, holding various leadership positions and key committee assignments.

    Why we support NFI: Through our involvement with NFI, we can join other leaders in shaping the future of the industry for generations to come.

    A trade association formed to provide networking opportunities among members of the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and British Columbia) fishing and seafood industries, Northwest Fisheries also serves as a platform for monthly social gatherings of industry veterans and newcomers alike. Sea Port is an active participant and member of Northwest Fisheries.

    Why we support the Northwest Fisheries Association: We view the work of this organization as very important, providing a way for members of the industry to get together on a regular (monthly) basis.


    As part of NFI, the Shrimp Council works to promote the consumption of shrimp, the #1 seafood consumed in the United States. The council addresses issues of concern to the global shrimp industry, and offers consumer education, specifically nutrition and recipe information on its website, Because shrimp is an important part of our business, Sea Port is an active member of the Shrimp Council.

    Why we support the Shrimp Council: For Sea Port, the Shrimp Council presents an opportunity to contribute to the marketing of one of our company's best-selling products.

NGOs, Publishers


    Diversified produces international trade and consumer events, conferences, publications, and eMedia for many industries. For the seafood industry, the International Boston Seafood Show (IBSS) has been one of the leading trade shows, a "must attend" for all sectors of the industry. Sea Port has exhibited at IBSS for the past 27 years.

    Why we support Diversified: For us, Diversified provides venues and opportunities for industry to effectively market our products, discuss industry issues, and promote and sell our products.


    The New England Aquarium is a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation. The Aquarium offers the seafood industry a host of services to assist companies in making wise buying decisions. Through its Sustainable Seafood Programs, the Aquarium helps industry collaborate with conservation groups to develop solutions that protect the oceans. The Aquarium conducted a far-reaching assessment of Sea Port sourcing policies, and is currently working with us to determine how Sea Port will continue its sustainability efforts to improve fisheries and aquaculture with our Go Blue!® sustainability initiative.

    Why we support NEAq: The New England Aquarium is actively involved in helping move fisheries and aquaculture toward sustainability. They focus on the positive actions that individuals and businesses can make to advance marine conservation. For Sea Port, NEAq has become a valuable partner in our never ending goal to advance all our seafood products towards improved sustainability.


    As a science-based ocean conservation foundation, Ocean Trust has been committed to becoming an "honest broker of science," related to the conservation and sustainability of the world's oceans. By building partnerships between industry and science, Ocean Trust has, since its founding, lived up to its motto, "Save the Oceans that Feed the World." Sea Port is a contributor to Ocean Trust.

    Why we support Ocean Trust: Contributing to conservation and sustainability initiatives that are based on sound science are, in our view, the best way to ensure that there will be fish in the future to feed the world. We see Ocean Trust as a highly respected and effective organization, and we are proud to support all of their initiatives.


    Urner Barry has been providing credible market information to the food (protein) industry, including online access to trade data, market trends, regulatory issues and industry research news. Urner Barry offers relevant information that helps the seafood industry make informed decisions.

    Why we support Urner Barry: For Sea Port, Urner Barry has been a valuable resource that we look to on an almost daily basis.