Go Blue is Sea Port's totally immersive pro-seafood initiative. It represents our commitment to supplying products that are sustainable and socially responsible. Go Blue also embodies our strong belief that fish and shellfish deserve to be known as the world's most nutritious and enjoyable foods!

We call on our industry partners, producers, distributors, and retailers to join us in promoting "the protein with personality" and becoming leaders of positive change.



Sea Port is committed to leading efforts to improve the way both wild and farmed seafood are produced on the high seas or on the farm. We are committed to sourcing from suppliers who are also committed to social justice and the wise and ethical use of all resources.


Sea Port is committed to supporting efforts to improve the sustainability of all seafood, wild and farmed. It is our belief that global demand for seafood will only be met through aquaculture -- the responsible farming of fish and shellfish. We are currently engaged in several initiatives to ensure that the seafood that is loved by everyone today will be available to generations of the future.


Seafood is a cornerstone of the global economy. We believe that more free and transparent global seafood markets result in the greatest good for the greatest numbers.


With new research findings emerging almost daily about the benefits of seafood in the diets of pregnant women, children, young adults, and seniors, Sea Port has made the commitment to helping people understand how adding seafood to the diet will benefit everybody.


Seafood is not just good for you--it tastes good, too! With so many different varieties to choose from, each with its own flavor, history, and methods of preparation, seafood makes the world's most exciting meals. Sea Port wants people all over the world to enjoy the best our waters have to offer in good health and with clear consciences.


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