Our Strengths

  1. Brand Power: Our consistently branded packaging strengthens your supply chain by offering seafood from multiple producers and regions under a single brand.
  2. Online Access: Our website provides in-depth information on seafood sourcing and sustainability along with species characteristics and cooking suggestions. You can also check prices, place your order and buy seafood online.
  3. Efficiency: We have a nationwide distribution network so you can get what you need faster and easier.
  4. Expertise: We have 40 years’ experience importing seafood from all over the world.
  5. Get Ahead: Our innovative Sea Port, Cnami, and Ola! brands offer products that represent the trends in the seafood industry.
  6. Industry Connections: We are committed to the sustainability of seafood for today and future generations. In an effort to maintain the vitality of our blue planet, we work with industry colleagues who share this same commitment, including the National Fisheries Institute and the Global Seafood Alliance.
  7. Save Big: Since we shop globally, we have the buying power to offer the best quality seafood at the best prices!
  8. Service: We have unmatched customer service and 40 years of industry knowledge.
  9. Variety: We carry more than 40 species from 15 countries.
  10. Certified Seafood: We have access to certified seafood products, including Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) for farmed and MSC for wild. We can give your customers what they are looking for.